Intensive course in the basics of German for all levels A1 A2 B1 B2 C1



The app is one of the best free apps in German, where the German language is taught from the beginning to each language levels, a wealth of information in language teaching with highly detailed explanations.The application learn German from the beginning and the basics of German grammar.

German for beginners and advanced. Contains more than wonderful features and a treasure of information in the teaching of language, very distinctive explanations.

And also the basics of writing subjects in the German language.

German courses: German language and grammar, topics for all levels, and the basics of writing materials in German.


 The location can be accessed here

The application includes: a full explanation of the exams for all stages of the test and sections, many examples of sections of conversation and the basics of the German language.

German Grammar For all beginner and very advanced levels, you will find many tips on lecture sections in the exam.

Look at all parts or sections of the exam and the duration of the exam as well as very important tips for you free of charge, including life and study in Germany, good luck to everyone with the basics of the German language


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