An application for Android and iPhone smart phones that contains 4000 verbs with complete conjugation and translation into Arabic



Application for complete discharges phones and translation into Arabic German Verbs Offline. This application works offline, meaning it does not need the Internet to run it .. The Android and iPhone are very cool, it contains 4000 actions with

This application offers the most important German verbs for those wishing to learn the German language

This application is the most important German verbs that help to learn the German language quickly and without the Internet

The application is in Arabic and provides an Arabic translation of the most important German words used in daily life

 Enter the site for download from here

The application offers the following:

– Teaching German Language

– German verbs translated into Arabic

– The ability to search for verbs


The application works without the Internet and you can review words wherever you are

The application is updated from time to time, please positive evaluation in order to encourage the application and we wish you to spend an enjoyable time learning the German language

Conjugation of more than 4,000 German verbs in all tenses past present ✓ future


Quick search

Arabic verb translations


Easy to use

You can access the site to download it from here


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