learn German verbs for all levels with phonics



German Verb Conjugation

 Learn easily and correctly how to conjugate German verbs for all levels

The most important thing in the German language is to control the verbs and their correct use in the sentence, if you control the verbs in the applications, you will not find any problem in even the wording of the sentence and put the verbs with the translation, but you will still have one problem, which is how to put these verbs in the sentence correctly

There is no excuse for not learning the language, so I devote only 15 minutes a day to these applications, and within a month you will have learned more than 250 verbs with how to use them with sentences. Start memorizing the verbs with the sentences every day five verbs and then with a period of time complete the test and when a month has passed, repeat the same test and note the difference

Displayed over 1500 German verbs in 16 times. With simple navigation and built-in search, you can find the verb you want in seconds.

Now with sound !! Not sure how to pronounce the verb? You can now hear how each verb is pronounced. Just press the button next to pairing. Verbs with sound have a speaker icon next to it. Note: This function requires an internet connection.


Save the list of your favorite verbs.

View the actions you recently looked at.

●Includes the ability to copy, email, and print verbs.

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 It can be taken from here


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