Use global GPS maps and Sygic maps in Europe to find places, roads, street names and pedestrian streets with offline traffic directions



Advanced GPS is an electronic system that uses a satellite network to send a signal through a computer to provide information about space and time everywhere in all weather conditions, on or near the ground where the field of view is clear.

 GPS technology was first used by the US Army in the 1960s and expanded within a few decades for civilian use.

The GPS system contains 24 satellites dispersed at an altitude of 12,000 miles. Earth rotates every 12 hours at 7,000 miles per hour. The satellites are distributed evenly so that four satellites can be accessed via a direct line from anywhere in the world. GPS technology is no longer ideal for indoor use,

The accuracy of the location is between 100 and 10 meters for most units, and the accuracy can be limited to one meter so that everyone can own a GPS receiver. Especially for cars

GPS functions

It is the world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app. Free maps and Sygic maps are installed in Europe without internet connection

• Offline maps are available for all countries of the world.


• Provides GPS navigation and voice guidance with detailed instructions and street name pronunciation

Select millions of good places (attractions)

Pedestrian GPS navigation with traffic directions and sights (scenes)

 There are more than 500 million users around the world

• Advanced safety features make it easy to drive in unfamiliar places

Warnings indicate maximum speed and future changes

The dynamic path leads you to the correct path. The website can be accessed here


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